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Balaji Vista Furnishing

Balaji Vista Furnishing is a leading company for window covering products. Balaji Vista Furnishing takes a pride to have the largest range of products; only company having 14 types of blinds with more than 2000 shades under one roof. Balaji Vista Furnishing is the First Indian Company to get ISO 9001-2000 certificates (Now upgraded to ISO 9001:2015) in Window Covering Industry. Balaji Vista Furnishing has taken blinds into residences of India, wherein the trend of using blinds was only in commercial spaces initiating a revolution for the window covering industry. Having largest and efficacious design, Research and Development, Quality Control, Productions, Strategic planning and a robust Sales and Marketing segment has made Balaji Vista Furnishing what it is today.

Balaji Vista Furnishing strives to be a leader in the window covering fashion industry,

and to be the best in everything it does, from the products it produces or adapt to the systems and processes acquired. Having a greater vision towards the business and society, Balaji Vista Furnishing has always been a trendsetter with aggressive marketing approach, out of the box thought process; it has standardise the living delivering international standard range. Balaji Vista Furnishing is a one stop shop for the needs of the window covering range inclusive of the products which aren’t easily available in the Indian market with a notion of providing better living to the society and making lives more pleasant.

Customer's comes first

Balaji Vista Furnishing's truly believe to maintain our quality standards of our products.


Window Blinds

Balaji Vista Furnishing is the industry standard of the Indian market of blinds for its impeccable class and style that adds luxurious appeal to your homes and houses. Balaji Vista Furnishing is just a call away to show its range of blinds.

Wooden Floorings

Wooden Laminate Flooring has become a popular flooring option because it's affordable, requires low-maintenance and is cost effective as compared to real hardwood flooring and marble.


An awning can be placed above a window or a door, and can be used as an interior enhancing accessory on decks or patios. Awnings provide a sheltered space to further enjoy an outdoor setting.

Automation Systems

This smart tech, lets you decide the amount of light to be admitted in your room, at the push of single botton on your remote. Add comfort and elevate your lifestyle with Balaji Vista Furnishing.

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