Curtain Channels, Rods & Tracks

Curtain Channels, Rods & Tracks

Drapery rods are an essential element to enhance the appeal of any room. Drapery rods add elegance & style to your windows besides being highly functional. Vista, the brand leader in this category, provides you numerous options for drapery rods. Vista Drapery rods are available in a variety of materials like Aluminium, ABS, Stainless steel & Brass with a range of shades and textures. Several finial options are available depending on the look you need for your room.

Curtain Drapery Rods

Soffio Range

Heritage Range

Stainless Steel Range

Amara Luxury Brass Collection

I-Channels, M-Track & Super Track

Motorized Curtain Tracks

Curtain Track for Hospitals

Drapery Rods

Curtain-Drapery Rods Drapery rods are an essential element, when we are talking of window dressings. If worn properly, Drapery rod adds liveliness to the window. Vista, The brand leader in the Interior products category, provides you numerous options for drapery rods.

We present irresistible range of curtain rods, beautiful enough to be the starting point of your window dressing. Each rod is a state-of-the-art masterpiece. Whether it is subtle, elegant, or a boldly beautiful one, we have eye-catching designs with beautiful colours in exquisite textures and finishes. Over 150 combinations to choose from, our Drapery Rods are a fashion statement by themselves.

Vista Drapery rods range from Alluminium to Wooden to Stainless steel, with combinations and marvelous designs in finials.

Stainless Steel Curtain Rods

Alluminium Curtain Rods

Wooden Cuertain Rodse

Brass Curtain Rods

Motorized curtain tracks

vista offers motorized curtain tracks for curtain operations. These tracks let you control the motion of your curtains with the help of a switch or a remote control. Vista tracks are Extremely durable in nature, are easier to use than traditional manual handling and do not require maintenance for long periods of time. They come with perfect finishings and are made with damage-free components that have been built under the guidance of professionals.

These tracks are reliable in working, and add to make your life hassle free . Imagine opening and closing the curtains at the click of a remote whilst you are seated on the bed or couch.

Curtain Track

CURTAIN & DRAPE TRACKS Our range encompasses Bendable Curtain Track, Decorative Curtain Track, Hospital Curtain tracks and many more. Our range of curtains is appreciated for their smooth & noiseless movement, longer functional life and easy installation. These products find application in hospitals, hotels, houses, offices etc. To further support the prevailing and established Drapery rods, Vista has Curtain tracks, which can be used along with the drapery rods or separately.

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