Customised Wallpaper

Preparing wall surfaces for Wallpapering

As with all other types of decorating, before wallpapering a wall it is important to spend time in preparation - time spent in properly preparing the wall will make it easier to achieve a good finish. It is false to think that as wallpaper covers the wall, you don't need to prepare the walls - poor wall condition will show through the paper.

Before starting to wallpaper, make sure that:

  • The ceiling has been finished.
  • Any coving, picture or dado rails has been fitted and finished.
  • All other woodwork (door and window frames, architrave , skirting boards etc), has been finished by paint or varnishing.

Type of wallpaper:

Matt finish wallpaper

These wallpaper for walls are printed on American thickened, smooth matt finish paper which give vibrant colours & hues. They are water resistant & fire retardant and come with an 5 year warranty on fading. Installation is easy - just use water and stick

Canvas textured wallpaper

These wallpaper for walls provide a textured finish. The vibrancy of colours ensure that your walls tell a visually great story. Installed using the traditional method of applying a mixture of paste & adhesive and voila - your walls are a sight for sore eyes.

Glitter textured wallpaper

These wallpaper for walls provide just a hint of sparkle on a textured finish. The mixture of colours and glitter ensure your walls are noticed. Installation is super easy and voila - your walls add a hint of glitter and sparkle to your life.

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