Types of Wallpaper

Walls painted with glossy enamel should be deglossed before papering otherwise the paper will not adhere to the surface. There are commercial solvents (one brand is Liquid Sandpaper) that will roughen the slick surface and provide the proper tooth needed for good adhesion. Sometimes washing the walls with a heavy-duty detergent will work as well. Solvents and heavy-duty detergents are harsh chemicals, so wear rubber gloves and allow fresh air to circulate in the room. Before you begin hanging wallpaper you first need to determine the most suitable type for your needs. The room in which the wallpaper will be hung greatly affects which type should be chosen. Bathrooms and kitchens for example require different types as opposed to those suitable for living rooms and bedrooms.

Washing/Care Instructions

It is important to check the care guidelines of each wallpaper before making your choice as some are more easily cleaned than others. The following symbols will appear on each different roll, which will demonstrate their washability:


These should be treated with great care and only wiped lightly with a damp sponge/cloth when urgently needed.

Extra Washable

Wallpapers such as this can be easily cleaned however take care when doing so using only a soft sponge and water.

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